Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Muk for your hair!

I have always been a fabric pin kind of gal--but now I've evolved slightly to creating the ribbon flower design to clip into your do! These will be making their debut in the coming days and weeks. I wish I wasn't a maker who worked in waves. I don't like not making the most of my time and days. I always try to reign myself in to become more focused. What are your secrets to being more disciplined? Well, I try and forgive my laziness of the past--embrace each new day, take advantage of moments and surround myself with inspiring, working folks. People working on their own projects and collaborating, making a network of handmade. Thanks Sara Jane, Rose, Wolfbait Girls, Daniel at Roost, and all the rest...And so Autumn brings renewal--It's the season that inspires me the most!

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