Friday, August 19, 2011

Fancy Flowers--bringing back the brooch

Well, it's happened, Muk Designs has arrived! Featured at Wolfbait and B-girls for the Fall 2011 season. You can shop the Collections at Wolfbait and B-girls 3131 W. Logan Blvd. The Chi. Teeny Tiny envelopes, and this actual brooch are available for purchase, and this is just the beginning. I began developing these brooches as "winning" pins with ribbons (see Facebook: muk designs") so you can find those as well. I re-vamped the look with this 3D floral version as an idea for another company and then I thought--wait a minute, this is a Muk Design and it should be sold as one! So I approached Jenny And Shirley and was warmly welcomed into the Wolfbait family--there is NO STOPPING ME NOW! Look for more consignment deals and new designs in the coming weeks. If you like Muk Designs shop the Etsy store: Mukster and "like" my Facebook page--and please comment and keep in touch! I use vintage fabrics and buttons, up-cycling whenever possible. The lace, ribbons and notions are often from my life-long passion of collecting ephemera and then finding the perfect application--turning these items into works of ART.

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